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The Bassist

Bass: ‘Holding Down the Fort’ has been the longest running passion of my life.

  Since the Beatles first came to America, I have been in love with the electric bass. My dad played upright bass clean through my childhood years. I’ve always felt close to that low-end rumbling, whether it was in our living room as dad practiced or on the various records we played on our stereo hi-fi… with the bass turned all the way up!

  A few treasured experiences in time from my blessed past are those with Charlie Rich, Janis Ian, Freddy Fender, The Imperials, Kim Fowley, Little Feat, Delaney Bramlett, Hal Blaine, John Molo, The Seeds, David Arkenstone, Truth, Bijan Mortazavic, Alber Lee, Chris Spedding, Eric Gale, Adrian Belew, Thad Jones, Carnagie Hall, Budokan, and The Kennedy Center with the Windham Hill Solstice Tours.

  The variety of basses I can bring to a stage and recording projects are electric, fretted or fretless, acoustic bass, slide bass, acoustic upright, slapped or bowed, and porch board bass. What I play can be subtle and mellow or as crazy and eclectic as the artist wants. I will proudly go where no bass has ever been, or stay Appalachian simple.



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