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The Producer

Producer: The appointed captain of the ship, not immune to mutiny.

  In knowing this, I try to constantly keep the lines of communication open with my clients and artists. My assignment is to fulfill oneís vision by helping them discover what is right for each song? What texture can be added to turn a lyric, a melody, and a story into a moving picture. What calls can I make from forty years of performing and recording, to bring the best musicians and vocalists in for the project.

  Though Iím proud to have attended UMKC Conservatory of Music and Eastman School of Music in New York, there are invaluable lessons I learned that I could not have acquired in any formal classroom. These lessons were picked up in sessions with legendary producers Bob Ezrin, Keith Olsen, John Cougar Mellencamp, and Delaney Bramlett, who so generously shared with me the skills he acquired from his mentor, Tom Dowd. Producing American roots music is a passion. Country, Jazz, Gospel and Rockabilly. Iím thanking Charlie Rich for that.

  A handful of the projects I found most rewarding were ĎBeauty and the Bassí with Hal Blaine, a remake for Paul and Paula, and the most recent CD of the sixties icons The Seeds, co-produced with lead singer Sky Saxon.
Female vocalists have always run in my family. It was a joy to produce CDís of the following songbirds Pam Loe, Susan Toney, Jacqi Michaels, Lorin Hart, Katie Trickett, Kathryn Lorenzen, (featuring Mike Metheny and Karyn Allison) and Nancy Priddy, whose latest CD includes one track from a mid-sixties LP produced by the legendary Phil Ramone.

  Male vocalists are the other side of the coin. I thank the following gents for trusting me with their productions: Robert Morgan Fisher, Tom Everette, Jim Barile, Floyd Redcrow Westerman, Jimi James, The Shindogs, Chris Clark, Alberto Galaz, Bear Family Records rockabilly artist Joey Buttler, and gospel greats Land and Hildebrand.

I am dedicated to making others shine. This is your captain speaking!



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